When to Have a Soffit Inspection Done By a Professional

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Canada is often battered each year by inclement weather such as rainy seasons and heavy snow, which quickly cycles. Home repairs in Ottawa will be essential because of all the potential damages that can occur to the roof and even the structural integrity of residential properties. 

Whether it’s hail storms, heavy rains, or blizzard conditions, these all put stress on a home’s exterior. Sometimes, soffit repair in Ottawa is necessary to comply with local building codes and regulations, as an unsafe home doesn’t look good on paper. Due to melting ice on the roof during spring, eaves and parts of the roof may develop rust and softened materials, making it weaker and a safety hazard. Here’s more information on soffit repairs and when it’s time to call in the professional handyman services:

Know When You Need to Have Your Roof Inspected

You’ll usually know when something’s wrong with your roof construction when visual cues start to appear. Flaking of the paint, cracks, deterioration, and discolouration are signs that you need to have your soffit repaired or replaced. Aesthetics are good indicators of structural integrity, as soaked wood or roof materials can often rot and cause damages. You’ll want to hire a professional service to address the issue immediately. 

Next, you might see pests going in and out of your roof. Sometimes, bugs like bees or wasps might frequent the area. Holes in the fascia and soffit are often the entry points where pests like bugs and even squirrels or rates can make their home in your roof. Since there is plenty of insulation, it is perfect for nesting and can make removal difficult. Contractors can help with professional pest removal services, then handyman services in Ottawa can help seal the roof and replace any damaged components after the pests have been cleared. 

Water damage is the last on the list, as these can produce mould and mildew growth, which can be the cause of issues that may spread inside your home. Wood panels that are rotting should be replaced immediately, as these might cause leaks into your home, which is a health threat to people who have respiratory diseases and can agitate flu symptoms during flu seasons. 

How Professionals Conduct Soffit and Fascia Repairs

The initial step that professional handymen take to fix roofing materials is to analyze the damage’s gravity. If the wood or material has become extremely rotten, they might have to do a full-scale replacement and a restoration process that includes painting and the works. Once the professionals know what to do, they’ll typically get rid of mouldy boards and rotted fascia, then attach various materials and components like rafters and cleats to ensure a good fit. They’ll then apply the new soffit and fascia with the right moulding materials that will help it remain snug and coat it with a fresh set of paint. New paint is usually the prime factor in deterring future damages, as most soffit deteriorates because of inadequate priming and painting jobs. 


Soffit repairs in Ottawa are more common than you might think, as the shifting weather conditions annually take a toll on residential and commercial properties alike. If you want to keep your home in good condition and prevent expensive water and ice damages, be sure to invest in good handyman services. 

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