What Is an Eavestrough and Is It Possible I Need One?

eavestrough repairs for residence of Ottawa

An eavestrough is also known as a gutter. It’s a trough or channel that runs along the edge of your roof. Its job is to redirect the water running off your roof to a proper drainage system. 

There are lots of types of eavestroughs available. They are classified by their shapes or the material they are made of. Some examples of different shapes are the K-Style (flat bottoms and flat backs), the Leaf Barriers (curved lip draws water into a narrow slot), and Half-Round (round, semi-circle shape). 

On the other hand, there are the materials they are made of, such as aluminum, zinc, copper, vinyl, and steel. 

Do I Need an Eavestrough?

Depending on where you live, you might be thinking it’s unnecessary. Would you need an eavestrough in Ottawa? It’s hardly the rainiest place on the planet. But remember that snow is just frozen water, and that once spring happens, all that snow on your roof will start to melt. Once it melts, the water could damage your home if you don’t have an eavestrough to keep it away. 

Advantages of Eavestroughs


  • Efficient Water Drainage

The first, and most obvious advantage, is efficient water drainage. Without an eavestrough system, rainwater or melted snow will fall directly off the roof. This results in a lot of splattering, which can create a dirty or muddied look on your walls. More importantly, your soil could get oversaturated with water, which in turn could result in damage to the foundation of your home. All of this is easily preventable with an eavestrough. Through downspouts, the water simply collects in the passages and the drains.

  • Prevent Flooding

As it gets hotter, the snow will begin to melt at a faster pace, meaning even more water for your drainage to collect. If your drainage can’t keep up, then your whole yard will flood. This could also happen during periods of high rainfall. A downspout prevents this from happening by draining the water coming off your roof at medium speed. Not to mention you can use several downspouts to distribute the water across several drainage points, thus easing the burden on the system. 

  • Prevent Soil Erosion and Oversaturation

When water free falls from your roof, it doesn’t just cause splattering. It can also cause soil erosion and oversaturation. Any plants or bushes that have grown close to your home will wither as they drown in water. 

  • Damaged Roofing

If you don’t drain water from your roof properly, it could pool in different areas of your roof. All this standing water can rot your rooftop. If your roofing fails due to this rot, it could lead to the insides of your house suddenly being exposed to the elements. 


An eavestrough is clearly a useful and important feature to have in your home. The protection it offers against oversaturated soil and roof rot is more than worth the cost. If you are looking to get one, try to contact local Ottawa handyman services. These people will know best as they have experience with the local weather in your area. 

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