Tips for Ensuring Your Home’s Good Condition in the Summer


As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change colour, your home value begins to increase. This is because people are generally more likely to buy homes during the fall and winter months.

However, there are also many ways to keep your home in tip-top shape during the summer. Find out by reading the article below.

Invest in Power Washing

If you live in an area with high heat and humidity, it’s important to be extra vigilant about removing mould and mildew from your home’s exterior. A power washer with a mildew remover that’s compatible with your siding can help.

Inspect Your Deck

To check if your deck needs to be replaced or resealed, pour water on it and see how the water reacts. If the water beads up into small puddles, then your deck is fine. However, if the water sinks into the wood, you must reseal the deck to protect it from water damage.

Upgrade Your Doors and Windows

Windows that aren’t sealed properly can let in drafts and cause temperature fluctuations inside your home. To keep your home at a consistent temperature, check the sealant around your windows and replace it if necessary.

Make Necessary Repairs on Roofs and Exteriors

Look for any debris that might have been collected under your eaves. If you see any leaves or gunk, remove them. Also, check your roof’s flashing or metal strips. These are usually found around chimneys, vents, satellite dishes, and skylights. They can become loose during a storm and cause water to leak into your home.

Employ HVAC Cleaning

Be sure to keep your fan in good working order, with clean coils and no faulty wiring that could cause a fire. Don’t forget to change your filter regularly.

Do Not Forget Your Garden

If you weren’t able to get to your home’s garden during the spring, don’t worry! The summer is a great time to get started on your gardening. Try adding mulch to the garden beds to create a clean appearance. Mulch reduces weeds and helps lock in moisture, keeping plants healthier during the hot weather. You should also prune flowers, bushes, and trees so they’re away from your home’s exterior, roof, and central AC unit.

Clean Your Lawnmower

If you don’t clean your lawnmower regularly, grass and other debris can build up and cause rust or clog the discharge chute. This can result in clumps of grass on your lawn. To avoid these problems, it’s important to clean your lawnmower monthly. To do this, disconnect the spark plug and remove the blade. Then use a putty knife and wire brush to dislodge debris. Finally, use a hose to spray away any remaining clippings.

Maintain Your Grills

Make sure your grill is clean before using it. Empty the racks and wipe down the inside and outside of the grill with hot water and dish soap. Scrub any residue away with a brush or sponge. Let everything dry before using the grill again.

Address Insulation Problems

You might find insulation problems around your home in places like the front door, attic, or cracks in your garage door. With higher cooling costs in the summer, now is a good time to seal any insulation gaps you come across.

Examine Your Attic and Basement

Inspect the basement and attic for any evidence of pests, insects, water damage, mould, or mildew. Go into a dark room to check for any light coming in from outside.


There are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your home in summer. Take some time to inspect your home for any potential pest problems that may arise in the warmer months. By following the other simple tips, you can help keep your home comfortable and enjoyable all summer long and maintain its high value even after the season ends.

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