The Benefits of a Monthly Home Maintenance Check and Hiring Household Repair Services

Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so safeguarding it should take top priority. Most of us handle repairs when they’ve gotten big enough to be obvious or cause damage. We’re here to show you the benefits of conducting a monthly maintenance check. At Gillespie Handyman Services, we offer household repair services to stop small issues before they become huge disasters.

Benefit #1 Avoid Costly and Destructive Issues

By taking a small chunk of time every month to put your eyes on the things most likely to cause big damage, you spot abnormalities or little issues. Often these things are like a loose thread. If you sew it up the minute you notice it’s there, you save it from completely unraveling. Things such as leaky windows, soft spots on the ceiling, missing roof tiles or a leaky faucet are much easier to fix when they’re a few days old than if the damage is allowed to get worse over the course of a few months.

Most homeowner’s insurance companies won’t cover things like slow leaks if they determine it went undetected for a long time. Catch it up front!

Benefit #2 Avoid Major Schedule Interruptions

Think about the scope of something such as replacing a kitchen floor because a pipe burst. You will have to be home at inconvenient times and forgo the use of important areas of your house until the large repair is done. The same is true of replacing any large area or important component of your house.

Finding the seal around the tub has just loosened is an easier and more convenient fix than replacing drywall, insulation and flooring. Think of the time and access you’ll have to give up if you don’t catch an issue early.

Benefit #3 Peace of Mind

When you perform a monthly maintenance check, you’ll either be reassured that everything is in good working order or you can get our household repair services out right away to fix it. Either way, you will sleep easy knowing your house is safe from imminent damage because of something gone unnoticed.

What to Look For

You’re bought into the benefit of a monthly maintenance check, but what should you look for? The easiest and most thorough way to go about it is by having a handyman execute a professional check for you. They report back what they find and let you know how urgent an issue is and what it might cost to repair the issues.

If you want to perform a check on your own, take stock of what unique situations your home has that you’ll need to check. A good baseline routine is to:

  • Check pipes under sinks and look for slow-moving drains
  • Check air filters and change if necessary
  • Examine utility bills for unusual spikes
  • Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Turn on all lights and check for flickering
  • Feel next to doors and windows for outside air getting in
  • Inspect the ceiling and look for softening or discoloration
  • Check all areas of water for mold or a mildew smell
  • Look for cracked grout on all tiles

Call the Professionals

You’re taking care of issues early, so make sure they’re addressed correctly the first time. At Gillespie Handyman Services, we’re reliable, professional, insured and transparent. We have over 15 years of experience in the home repair and building industry and will take care of your home like it’s our own.

Contact us here or call 613-422-0549, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have or come out for a visit and provide an upfront and accurate quote.