4 Techniques For Repairing A Damaged Foundation At Home

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Although your home’s foundation is not visible, it is one of the most significant home components since it supports the weight of everything within, including family, friends, and furnishings. 

While contemporary homes may have a strong foundation, older homes may demand more gentle attention and care. Unfortunately, older foundations might suffer from a lack of drainage and proper material support.

If you’re a homeowner who has discovered that your foundation is failing, it’s time to act and take the essential steps to repair it. There are a few ways to mend or completely replace your old foundation, depending on the severity of the problem. If you’re wondering, keep reading to learn what to do if your foundation needs to be repaired.

This post will indicate how to repair or rebuild your foundation and where to find handyman services in Ottawa. 

Techniques For Repairing A Damaged Foundation

If your foundation has a worst-case scenario, it is unlikely to be restored utilizing typical maintenance measures, such as strengthening and sealing techniques offered by professional foundation specialists and a handyman in Ottawa.  

First, this post will look at repair options that can help keep your foundation alive even if it’s in horrible shape. If none of these measures appear to be effective in improving the state of your foundation, we will discuss options for replacing it entirely.

Fill It In

This is one of the most straightforward methods for repairing your home’s foundation. Filling a basement complete with sand will assist in distributing pressure elsewhere, counteracting lateral pressure and preventing your home’s walls from sliding. 

This strategy, however, will prevent you from using your basement again. If this is your only storage area, you may want to investigate another foundation repair technique or construct a garage and proceed with this job.

Filling in your basement may be done quickly if you decide to go forward. Place a chute through an old window or other entrance leading to the basement and throw sand directly into it. Make sure it’s spread out evenly and smoothed out every few inches so it forms a stable framework that can sustain the weight of your home.

Make A New Inside Wall 

In most cases, a professional will be required to do this task. A foundation team will build a new inside wall in your basement as part of this procedure, which will relieve some of the strain on your present foundation. A one-sided concrete form will be installed inside the basement’s perimeter to create the new wall.

Unlike filling your basement with sand, this strategy will allow you to continue to utilize it. Unfortunately, this solution is costly since it would necessitate hiring an engineer to build a new wall that can withstand lateral pressure from the existing one.

Pour A New Outer Wall 

This procedure should likewise be left to a professional, although a homeowner with renovation knowledge can do it. Pouring a new external wall entails excavating a trench around your home’s existing foundation and filling it with concrete to form the new wall. If your home already has major foundation problems, you’ll need to use the old foundation to support the trench-digging portion of this job.

Replacing Your Foundation

Replacing your foundation is a costly procedure, but it is the best option if your present one is in poor condition. Replacing your house’s foundation will increase the market value of your property while also ensuring the life of its surfaces. The only way to replace your foundation is to relocate your complete house off of its current location.

This will require a house-moving firm that offers home repairs in Ottawa, lifting and removing your home from its existing location to access the foundation. The current foundation will then be completely dismantled and repurposed. After that, the area will be excavated, guarded, and protected.


Many homeowners believe that replacing their foundation is the only reasonable option if broken or damaged. However, like with other home repairs, it’s critical to weigh all of your alternatives to get the most for your buck while minimizing interruption to your family’s daily routine.

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