Spring Home Renovation: How You Can Get Ready for It

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Once the long winter is over, people are usually just eager to welcome the warmer weather. If you are like most people, you’re probably thinking about getting home improvement projects done that you could not do during winter because you know it can be hard to get home repairs in Ottawa during the cold. 

Now that you can finally take on those projects, you want to be sure you’re prepared for them. In the sections below, we will share how you can get ready for a spring home renovation:

Think About Your Options

With all the time you had last year, you probably already have at least three projects that you are considering. If you do, then this is going to be easier for you. You just need to list down the pros and cons for each project. Then, you must compare them and see which one delivers the best value at present. Which one is your priority? Which could add the most value? Which fits your budget? 

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can determine which renovation project you’ll move forward with. 

Audit Your Belongings 

Regardless of which room you are renovating, it is best to first list down all your belongings. This way, you can be more systematic about sorting your things and even take this opportunity to assess which items you no longer need and donate or sell them. In doing so, when the renovation is done, you’ll have less clutter at home!

Start a Digital Organization Plan

Before the home improvement project begins, you might want to create a digital folder where you can keep all the important contracts or documents, receipts, and even design ideas. You can use any free cloud storage system and don’t forget to take pictures of your documents or scan them for digital storage. You should also create a calendar so that you can keep track of the progress and take note of all the things you need to do before, during, and after the project.

Start Finding Contractors and Manufacturers

If you haven’t started your search yet, you might want to start shopping for contractors and manufacturers within the locality. You can even ask your friends or family who had recent renovation projects done for referrals. Remember that your spring renovation project’s success largely depends on your contractor’s work quality, so make sure that you only hire reputable professionals!

If you are looking for reliable staff, Gillespie Handyman Services in Ottawa can provide you with a team of seasoned professionals who can handle projects like flooring and tiling, drywall repair and installation, exterior and interior painting, and more!

Secure the Necessary Permit

You might not have thought about this at first, especially if you feel that your project is nothing major. However, it’s possible that there are regulations in your area that you need to abide by. Whether you are transforming your basement into a game room, adding a room, or building a second floor, it’s better to be on the right side of things instead of having to deal with penalties later on. As such, you can contact building permit professionals as they know about these matters better. 


A spring home improvement project can be exciting when you’re truly prepared for it. Remember that being financially ready is not the only important matter here, as it’s going to be mentally, emotionally, and even physically draining. By properly preparing for the project, you will have a better chance of going through it without encountering problems.

At the same time, you are going to need expert home improvement and handyman services in Ottawa. You should ensure that you find the right professionals for your projects.

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