5 Signs Your Walls Could Use a Brand New Coat of Paint


Any homeowner knows the benefits of home maintenance are tenfold. In particular, your wall paint can really dictate the ambience of your home. Moreover, it can be a matter of hygiene and safety.

Since many coats are built to last, it may help to know the definitive signs that it’s time for a new paint job.

The Paint is Noticeably Faded

As paint ages, the paint starts to fade and can easily be visible to the naked eye. It can start to look faded and make the whole place seem older than it really is. Even if your paint is fade-resistant, it is not completely immune.

You will find the differences much more obvious when you check the backs of frames and other items that preserve the real colour of the paint over time. If this is the case, you’ll find that a new coat of paint can suddenly uplift the ambience of the whole place.

The Paint is Cracking

Cracking is the most common sign that it is time to paint your home again. Aside from looking like an eyesore, it can also end up causing messy paint flakes all over the place.

There are various reasons this can happen. The surface of your walls may have been improperly prepped before the paint was put on, causing the paint to not adhere well. On the other hand, it can also be due to extreme temperature shifts to cold or hot.

You should also check if your home has too much moisture, as this can have a greater effect on older layers of paint.

It’s Been More Than Five Years

A standard coat of paint can only last up to five years before it starts to deteriorate. Of course, the effects of this can vary depending on the paint’s quality, the original surface condition, and how well it was primed.

Even so, it’s a good idea to change up the paint when the last paint job gets long in the tooth. It can bring in some new life to the room and even cover up some imperfections that may have developed or become more obvious over time.

There is Presence of Mould and Stains

Mould and stains are two things that can become much more prominent in older paints. Mould likes moist conditions and will quickly grow in cracks and tiles whenever there is moisture.

While mould problems will require professional remediation, you should be able to get rid of stains and protect your walls from further growths using a new coat of paint. Any discoloration is more difficult to remove on older layers of paint, so it may well be time to replace it altogether.

The Colour is Starting to Look Dated

Our tastes change over time. If you want to switch up your interiors to feel more contemporary, you may want to spruce up your paint to match with a new colour.

A fresh coat with a new hue can do wonders for your interior design. It can even make the best of a small room that you could never have pictured before.

Is it Time for New Paint?

A new coat of paint can be your best solution to giving your home a revival of sorts. If you want to do an overhaul of your paint throughout the house, you can always get handyman services to get the job done. You can have a lot of fun picking new paint for your walls, too.

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