These Signs Mean You Need to Repair Roof Fascia and Soffit


How can you tell you need home repairs in Ottawa, especially for your roof fascia and soffit? Take note of the following signs for easier identification:

Cracking or Flaking Paint

If you see the paint on your fascia starting to peel, crack, or flake, it strongly indicates that more significant problems need home repairs. Once the colour starts to come off, it creates an opening for water to get in. And since the fascia is usually made of wood, that means the start of wood rot. If the paint issue is localized to one spot, there’s likely a problem with your rain gutters—like a crack, leak, or clog.

Moisture Problems

You can tell if your roof has moisture damage by looking for discoloration or water stains at the edge where the soffit and fascia meet. If you see any, take action to repair the damage right away. Otherwise, water will seep into the inner roof structure and cause wood rot, weakening the trusses and rafters supporting the roof. Eventually, the roof will collapse, leading to extensive home repairs.


These pesky critters can cause minor, then major, damage to a roofing system. Bugs can enter, breed, and turn a once peaceful home into a breeding ground for unwanted pests. And rodents will gnaw at wiring and insulation, leave behind biohazardous excrement, and make a mess of your home. The soffit and fascia are your best defence against pests; if you’re having a recurring problem, observe the soffit and fascia for signs of damage.

Strange Sounds

You have a problem if you start hearing strange noises from your attic or roof. Rodents and other pests cause the problem, and you’ll need to get your soffit and fascia replaced or repaired. Your new roommates will nest in dark, narrow spaces, which is why your roof is such an appealing environment for them. Once you hear the noises, the vermin have gotten in through the compromised fascia/soffit. Call a roofing contractor or exterminator to get rid of the problem.

Ventilation Problems

Your soffit and fascia’s main job is to keep fresh air circulating through your attic. This will stop the build-up of water and moisture, which is key to maintaining a healthy roof. It’s essential to keep the soffit clear of blockages to help regulate airflow and prevent damp air from seeping into the attic, thereby causing more damage.

Visible Damage

If you notice any roofline damage, you must call a professional roofing contractor immediately. Missing elements of the fascia or soffit, gutters that have pulled away from the roof, and other issues can all be resolved with timely home repairs.

Weak Gutters

Another early sign of fascia and soffit problems is trouble with your rain gutters. If they don’t seem entirely secure, that’s because they’re not. And that’s a good time to replace both the fascia and soffit. Clogs or cracks in the gutters will impact the fascia and soffit’s ability to do their job, and that’s where problems start. Get home repairs right away!


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