6 Telltale Signs That a Concrete Structure Needs Repairs

It’s no secret that everyone wants to live in a safe and secure home. For this reason, all homeowners make it a point to use the highest-quality materials during construction. Of course, concrete is no exception because it has to be installed with the utmost care, given its high structural integrity and strength. Like many things, however, concrete can wear down with time.

Concrete repair is not something that most people are interested in, but it’s worth knowing that these repairs aren’t challenging to complete. While they’re often easy to do, it could take some time before repairs can be done. For this reason, one has to be aware of the many signs that a concrete structure needs repairs. These include:

#1 – Cracks Are Visible

Most people don’t expect to see cracks in concrete. However, there are situations wherein cracks can occur. For example, concrete can crack in extreme conditions of cold and heat. This could also result in a separation between the concrete and the asphalt.

If the crack is minor, it can be filled. Regardless, it’s best to use a concrete mixture that can withstand the high level of strength that concrete needs to have. This means that using a mix of cement, sand, and rock could be ideal.

#2 – The Concrete Looks Swollen

There are situations wherein the joints become damaged due to the many forces exerted on them. For example, if it’s been exposed to direct sunlight, the concrete could be heated up. The concrete brick may shrink as it cools down.

One could apply a sealer to keep the surface from dehydrating to fix this. Meanwhile, pouring water into the concrete can help to lower the temperature.

#3 – The Concrete Looks Uneven

Concrete can look uneven when it’s been installed incorrectly. For example, if it’s been poured over a hole, the surface would look uneven. This is particularly true for sidewalks, driveways, and other structures. The unevenness could also be caused by a material used to level the concrete.

One could use a trowel to level out the concrete to fix this. This can be done by using a hand trowel or a power trowel.

#4 – There’s Stagnant Water on the Concrete Structure

There are instances wherein the concrete may need to be repaired simply because it’s been exposed to stagnant water. This can be especially true if the concrete surface is at or below the ground level.

One of the signs that a concrete structure may need repairs is when there are some stains on it. This could also happen if concrete blocks are close to each other. Moisture in the surrounding soil could also cause a situation where there are stains on the concrete.

#5 – The Concrete Looks Too Faded

Over time, concrete can look too faded. This could be a result of the many atmospheric changes and weather changes. For example, the sun’s UV rays can wear concrete over time. This can be especially true if the concrete is outdoors.

To fix the situation and make sure that the colour of the concrete doesn’t fade, one has to apply concrete sealant. This could be a type that’s made of polymer concrete coatings.

#6 – Crumbled Potholes Are Present

If the concrete surface looks too rough, the cause might be the potholes formed in which rainwater and ice may accumulate and get into the cracks in the concrete. If this occurs, the concrete and the pavement surface could be separated. This could be a result of the frost heaves or the damaged surface.

Additionally, areas that contain potholes may be prone to damage from other things, including snow plow trucks. To fix the situation, one has to repair the concrete by removing the potholes and filling them with cement.


There may be some instances wherein one may not be able to tell if there are signs that a concrete structure needs repairs. This is especially true if the repairs are being done regularly. However, it’s best to know the many signs that a concrete structure needs repairs. This way, homeowners would see if it’s time to repair their concrete structures.

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