Seasonal Housekeeping: The Importance of Siding Replacements


Some homeowners aren’t particular about when and how they do repairs and improvements on their homes. Although it’s a matter of personal preference for their material and design choices, the right timing to have these building projects are crucial and almost non-negotiable. For example, your HVAC maintenance needs to occur at least during the Autumn season. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of an underperforming heating system by wintertime.

Sidings can seem like minor aesthetic additions to your home. However, they have a major purpose in maintaining your home safe from deterioration over time. Although it’s not as critical as roofing and plumbing systems, any damage it receives will be detrimental to your home’s condition. This potential for wear and tear can also be greater if you don’t perform siding replacements at the right season.

The value of replacing your sidings

A few months after facing winter comes spring, where climate conditions are the best for siding replacements, which also applies to other exterior renovations you have planned. Spring is also the timeliest date to prepare your home for any future environmental conditions. This is why it’s the best opportunity to improve your home by updating your home’s sidings.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons you should perform siding replacements during spring.

1. Avoids water damage during rainy seasons

Upgrading your sidings will prevent you from experiencing delays and damage due to strong winds or rainfall. This is because your sidings are your home’s external layer of defense against water damage. Standing water and leaks are two dangerous conditions you don’t want to have for your home. Once moisture seeps through your wood fixtures and drywall, it can be a breeding ground for wood rot and mold growth. This is why it’s vital to reinforce your sidings during the spring season.

3. Minimizes your utility bills

It’s not uncommon for your sidings’ inefficiency to lead to other forms of damage to your home. The less effective your siding is, the more prone your home will be to several forms of wear and tear. Additionally, your furnace will be working overtime if your sidings aren’t giving enough insulation for your home’s protection.

Having siding replacements during spring will ensure that your home’s external features are well-prepared to face harsh heat and strong rainfall for the following months. This enables your HVAC systems to work at a lower output, keeping your utility bills low.

3. Prepares you for winter issues

After enduring the harsh conditions of winter, your home’s exterior components are likely battered and beaten. This will be true to your porch, roofing, and sidings. Since they’re exposed to the elements, there could be signs of damage that will only be noticeable once they get too difficult to handle.

Most homeowners ignore warped boards for their sidings, but it can lead to weak protection against potential leaks in the future. Besides outdoor damage, your home can also manifest the weakness of your sidings through peeling wallpapers. If your interiors’ wall paint or wallpapers are losing their adhesive, it’s a sign of leaking moisture towards your home.


Meeting the right timing for your home renovations and repairs is a crucial part of keeping your home safe from harm all-year-round. Since spring has the optimal climate conditions for several kinds of home maintenance tasks, it becomes the busiest time for building experts and handymen.

Partnering with the right structural experts will ensure that your home’s repairs are performed by the right professional. At Gillespie Handyman, we’re well-versed in fixing different forms of repairs and replacements. If you need an expert in siding repair in Ottawa, request a quote from us today!