Repairing Your Own Roof? You Should Call Experts Instead!

roof repair

You may think there’s nothing wrong with your roof beyond a small leak and a few disintegrating asphalt shingles that you can fix yourself. After all, you have roof repair videos online and the local hardware store at your fingertips, right? Why hire a professional handyman in Ottawa?

No matter how enticing it may sound, do not attempt to repair your roof on your own. Here’s why:

You Can Do More Harm

Roofing professionals have years of experience, so they know how to fix your roof correctly. You don’t have it. So, you risk causing more harm since you don’t fully comprehend the situation.

You may believe, for example, that the problem is limited to a single minor leak. In your attempt to remedy the leak, you may step on a weak spot on your roof, causing it to give way and trapping you in an unpleasant predicament. You can potentially harm your roof by mishandling equipment or performing roof procedures incorrectly.

You Will Spend More

With DIY roof repairs, you have to buy everything from the last nail to the last shingle. And, because you might not get things right the first time, there’s a risk that your work will fall apart when the wind comes up: when shingles fly, and flashings come loose, you’ll have no choice but to call in the pros and pay those fees.

The only thing you won’t be spending any money on is labour. However, if you do your repairs, you will still waste time and effort—two very finite resources better spent elsewhere!

You Void Your Guarantee

Some manufacturers will only issue a warranty on their items if installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You risk voiding the warranty on these products if you damage them during your rooftop DIY project.

You Might Encounter Insurance Issues

If the damage is caused by nature, homeowners insurance policies cover all repairs and replacements. However, if you cause damage to your own home, you may not be covered by insurance. If your insurance company discovers that you attempted to repair your roof on your own, they may cancel your coverage.

You Could Injure Yourself

A tumble down your roof’s slope can put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life; a mishap with your equipment can cost you a finger. Leave roof maintenance and repairs to the professionals unless you genuinely want to live on the edge.

Your Work Will Not be as Appealing

If you don’t have a lot of expertise installing or replacing roofs, you’ll probably end up with substandard craftsmanship and a bad-looking roof. While DIY tutorials make renovations appear simple, remember that no matter how many hours you spend watching a tutorial, you can’t master a skill without adequate practice.

You Will Need More Time

Assessing the roof, collecting the appropriate tools, and performing the work all take time, especially if you have inexperienced hands. A roofing job that takes professionals two to three days to complete can take up to several weeks for DIYers. Indeed, you prefer the former because it is the more efficient: Delays mean more significant inconvenience and higher costs.

Have a Handyman Repair Your Roof for You!

Roofing is a big undertaking, which is why you should trust roof repairs to professionals who have the experience and skills to complete them on time and budget.

At Gillespie Handyman, we offer a handyman service in Ottawa that caters to various home projects, including roofing repairs. Request a quote today!