Top 7 Reasons Parging Repair for Wall Exterior Is Necessary

wall repair

Parging is a vital step in the construction process that coats a foundation’s exterior walls with protective cement. With this in place, your foundation will benefit not only from a protective coat of mortar but also from a more attractive appearance.

However, as the structure of your home ages, this mortar mixture may become brittle. As a result, cracks and other apparent damage are more likely, progressively eroding the polish. Because of this, a parging repair is required, whether your home is freshly constructed or has had a few years under its belt.

Here are seven reasons why parging repair for your wall exterior is a necessity.

1. To Increase Foundation Stability

The purpose of parging is to protect your home’s walls from the elements, which can cause damage to the exterior of a home. The house’s cornerstones can begin to crack without parging, thus putting their stability in danger.

2. To Protect Basement Foundation Crack

Similar to its exterior purpose, parging also protects the foundation from moisture. Because of this, the parging repairs are meant to help you extend the life of your home’s basement so that you can enjoy its benefits for longer.

3. To Stop Insects

As we have just mentioned, moisture is the cause of all sorts of exterior problems, including insects. If left to its own devices, moisture can cause wood to age, rot, and become brittle. In addition, it can cause a variety of other problems with masonry, including insects. Parging repairs can prevent insects from nesting and breeding on your home’s exterior.

4. To Stop Water Damage to Basement Walls

Brick is an integral part of a home’s exterior, despite being less durable than other exterior options. Exposed brick, block, and concrete can quickly start to crumble. This is the case with walls that are not adequately protected by parging, especially during a home’s first few years. Parging is a secondary defence against water damage. 

Water can get into the basement through cracks in the wall, so it’s important to fix them.

5. To Stop the Growth of Mould

Mould thrives on the moisture that enters your home through your foundation. Once it begins to grow, it can quickly damage your walls, causing them to become damp and fragile.

Even though parging repairs are not always sufficient to stop mould from growing, it does help prevent it from spreading. Because moisture cannot seep into the house and basement, mould cannot quickly form.

6. To Provide Additional Insulation

The exterior of your home is not the only thing that parging can protect. It can also protect your home’s interior from outside elements. Parging can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, thus helping you lower your energy bills.

7. To Improve the Overall Appearance of Your Home

Using parging as a repair can help make your home more attractive. It is a versatile product that can be applied to many surfaces, including brick, concrete, stone, and stucco.


Parging is an essential process in any home building project. Knowing why it is necessary to have a parging repair will help you choose the company that provides the highest quality materials and quality.

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