7 Reasons Your House Needs Brand New Sidings Right Now


Just like new roofs, flooring, and paint, houses need new sidings too every once in a while. Those small outward-jutting flaps on the exteriors of your home are angled like that to keep water, snow, hail, and other climate extremes away and keep the structure intact. Wear and tear get to them eventually, causing cracks and tears that expose and endanger a house’s architecture.

While sidings can be durable and last over a couple of decades before calling commercial handyman services, there are moments when you need to take action for the safety of your home. Here are seven reasons your house needs brand new sidings right now:

Consistent Cracks and Gaps

As mentioned earlier, cracks and gaps on sidings expose a house’s interior structure to various problems. They are entry points for water, pests, and other elements that can destroy a home from within. Moisture spreads throughout surfaces, causing unsightly watermarks and weakening wood. 

Moisture also attracts pests that pose a potential health risk to your family. Worse still is that these cracks and gaps could invite termites to chew through the entire siding!

Rot Risks

Another con of cracks and gaps is that it invites moisture within the sidings and causes wet rot damage to an entire section. Wet rot introduces dark-coloured fungi to damp wooden surfaces, where the fungi eat away at the timber and weaken its structure.

On the flip side, it also runs the risk of suffering from dry (aka brown) rot caused by a single fungus called Serpula lacrymans. With this type of rot, the fungus does not need as much moisture to weaken wood surfaces. A siding crumbling quickly means dry rot has already spread.

Magnified Moisture and Mould

Worn-out sidings run the risk of moisture and mould penetrating the house’s exterior and manifesting in spaces such as the foyer, living room, dining area, or even the attic! You may notice this through strange water stains, discolouration, or a weakening of a particular area. Call commercial handyman services to examine the area immediately.

Money Management

One practical reason for replacing your sidings is to minimize repair costs. It is much cheaper to fix something minor than something major, especially when it comes to siding panels lined all over your house. Changing one area is more affordable than changing two or more exterior areas’ worth of sidings.

If you want to cut down on expenses, opt for vinyl siding instead of wood. They’re easier to clean and don’t attract as much trouble compared to their wooden counterparts.

Warped Exterior Walls

Check your sidings if they are all level and flat. If a few areas bulge, that means moisture or other problems have seeped through and are already causing internal problems. Get in touch with commercial handyman services instantly to get a better diagnosis.

Ballooning Bills

Siding problems can still manifest even without physical signs. Since they protect from harsh weather conditions, you should adequately insulate your home’s interiors. But if it feels a bit drafty in one area compared to another, that means the siding panels have thinned and need replacing.

Rise in Resale Price

Selling your home or renting it out? Prioritize fixing the sidings to boost the resale value. For a good return on your investment, install vinyl sidings (even if they’re slightly pricier) since they are low maintenance and are considered one of the longest-lasting variants

Closing Thoughts

We hope these seven reasons inspire you to pay more attention to your sidings. They are just as crucial in maintaining your well-being as well as your house’s integrity. When canvassing for the right kind of material, always talk to commercial handyman services so they can suggest what’s right for your home.

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