Our Guide to Soffit and Fascia: Why Are They Crucial For Your Home?

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When you’re looking into home repairs in Ottawa, you’re probably thinking of repairing your siding, windows, or a broken door. After all, they’re usually the focal points of a home’s exterior, which is why they command such attention. However, some other less noticeable features of your home, like your soffit and fascia, deserve just as much care.

Although they are often overlooked, the soffit and fascia help protect your home from water damage and other factors. Apart from these important functions, they also help contribute to your home’s aesthetic, tying it together for a more comprehensive look. Here’s what you need to know about soffit and fascia and the other benefits of home maintenance:

What is Soffit?

The soffit is the exposed siding that sits right on the underside of your roof. Due to its location, it’s often not visible, so many homeowners don’t pay as much attention to it. However, the soffit is noticeable once you get closer to your home, when you’re right underneath it, or when you’re viewing your home from the street. 

It’s often the same colour and design as your home’s siding, although this highly depends on your personal preferences. It can also be made of vinyl, aluminum, or wood, which relies on the climate you reside in since these materials offer different advantages. 

What is Fascia?

The fascia is directly adjacent to the soffit, which is the siding that is directly above the soffit. It’s very visible since it’s the exposed board that sits on the front of the roof’s overhang, which means you’ll need to maintain it to preserve your home’s appeal. It is also where the gutters are found, so the fascia can be susceptible to water damage when it isn’t cared for properly.

Like the soffit, the fascia can be made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Generally speaking, vinyl is best for fascia since it retains its appearance despite weather conditions, whereas wood and aluminum show wear or tear over time.

Why Are Soffit and Fascia Crucial For Your Home?

While the soffit and fascia may be small areas, they’re still crucial for keeping a well-kept, energy-efficient home. For instance, the soft has venting that allows sufficient airflow between your roof and attic, ensuring that the latter is well-ventilated. Otherwise, if your attic has poor ventilation, it will become breeding grounds for mould and mildew. The soffit also prevents animals and insects from entering your home, although you must maintain it regularly since bees and wasps often nestle in this area. If it has cracks or holes, you’ll need to call soffit repair in Ottawa immediately.

Meanwhile, the fascia supports the lower edge of your roof tiles or shingles’ bottom row. It also houses your gutters, so your fascia must be strong and sturdy enough to support them even during heavy rain or a storm. Otherwise, you’ll risk water damage to your home. Unlike the soffit, the fascia can be seen at any angle, so you’ll want to invest in fascia repair in Ottawa to make sure it’s in excellent condition.


The fascia and soffit are essential parts of your home that require care and maintenance, just like everything else. Neglecting these areas may result in many different problems that will have you scratching your head, as you won’t immediately realize the cause until you call a repair service.

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