Is It Time to Replace or Replace Your Patio’s Awning?

people in patio

If your patio has awnings, you probably have spent a good time hanging out there. Awning protects your windows and doors from the rough weather and can make outdoor spaces even more comfortable. 

However, because of its constant exposure to the weather, your awning fabric is bound to fall apart eventually. Before things get there, make sure you keep it well-maintained alongside other items and fabrics in your home. 

How to Know If Your Awning Is In Need of Repair

1. Tiny Holes on the Fabric

When the awning has been used for a long time, it is only normal to have sightings of tiny holes and scratches on its fabric. As soon as you notice these effects, consider patching them. The best way to do it is to use a matching swatch to make it less noticeable. 

You can purchase one from any store supplier or contact your manufacturer to ask for one. Make sure that you conduct regular inspections on your awning to avoid missing details like this. Otherwise, you may get leaks during extreme heat or rain. 

2. Fading Colour

There are particular fabrics or patterns that quickly fade when exposed to heat and heavy weather. If the fading is at an extreme level already, you might want to treat it right away. You can get colour-restoring soap from a construction supply store or hardware store, but sometimes washing is the answer you need. 

If it still works but is not visually appealing anymore, that is a good reason to repair instead of replace. 

How to Know If You Need a Replacement

1. Big Holes or Wild Tears in Its Fabric

Any visual damage is a sign to get new fabric for your awning. One tiny hole can still be patched up, as mentioned. However, if yours has many holes in different places or large tears in various corners, you might want to install a new one again. Do not risk your house protection. Aim for a sturdier material that can withstand anything once again.

2. Mould, Mildew, and Fungi Growth

Awnings are meant to protect your house from all sorts of climate. If you live in an area that experiences regular rain, your awning is more likely to grow mould and mildew. As soon as you notice this happening, consider having them cleaned or replaced entirely. 

3. Damaged Frame

The framing is supposed to support the awning and prevent it from falling off. If you notice that your awning frame is rusting, bent, or damaged in any other way, make sure to have it replaced immediately. That could prevent accidents from occurring.


Some owners add awnings to make their homes look homier and more comfortable. It also protects the home from certain conditions. If you have or plan to have awnings in your house, make sure you are aware of the signs it needs replacement or repair soon. If you need one pretty soon, make sure that an experienced contractor does it on your behalf. 

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