4 Important Benefits of Foundation Parging for Your House

laying cement

New homeowners may be puzzled as to why a newly laid concrete foundation would require additional brickwork. Doing the same task again may appear to be a waste of money, but parging brings many advantages for any house restoration projects you have in mind. 

There are numerous reasons why you might want to seek foundation parging in Ottawa, especially because this is a region that experiences very harsh temperatures for months at a time. 

What Is Parging? 

Parging is the application of a thin coat of cement or mortar to further polish the surface of concrete or masonry, and it works as a filler for the flaws in a concrete foundation. For a better finish, parge coatings cover pits, gaps, and seams in the structure’s foundation.

What Are the Benefits of Parging? 

Apart from giving the concrete a smoother surface, parging has numerous other advantages. Here are some of the benefits of using a parge coat on your foundation.

1. Parging Provides Insulation

Canada has unquestionably one of the world’s harshest winters. Parging will safeguard your home’s foundation from harsh weather elements by adding an extra layer of protection. As an insulating layer, it will also keep your home warm. A parge coat also helps maintain the structural integrity of your foundation by preventing water from freezing in cracks and holes, which can cause tremendous damage.

2. Parging Offers A Weather Barrier

The most susceptible sections of your home’s façade are protected by parging. If not repaired, tiny cracks and holes in the foundation can quickly turn into serious issues.

The extra coat on your home’s foundation walls can help avoid damage over time if you reside in a region with severe weather. While this comes at an extra upfront cost, homes with external insulation should have that extra layer of protection. Concrete foundations will protect the insulation from weather elements that may cause wear and tear.

3. Parging Repels Critters and Insects

Parging protects a home from more than just weather conditions. Holes and cracks in your concrete are essentially open invitations for little pests and creatures that any homeowner would like to keep out. Insects and other animals, such as mice, can get into your home through cracks in the walls that can continue to expand if there isn’t a protective layer.

A pest infestation may be tough to eradicate and can result in even more damage to vital areas of your home. Protective parge coating over your surfaces would be a cost-effective and long-term option against unwanted bugs and critters. 

4. Parging Boosts Curb Appeal

With proper construction and maintenance, you can achieve a house that looks incredibly appealing. Moreover, prioritising your home’s general look and upkeep will increase its value in the years to come if you decide to sell it. 

You may guarantee that your property is covered with a parging layer to avoid damage from harsh temperatures by hiring the correct home parging repair in Ottawa. 


Parging is more than just a second layer of concrete. It serves a practical purpose by protecting your home’s foundation from severe weather, keeping it warm during cold winters, and preventing insects and other animals from digging their way inside. Professional parging services are certainly worth the investment.

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