How to Know if Your Home Foundation Is Sinking: 3 Physical Signs

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If there is one thing that you should remember from your Geology class, it is the fact that soil continues to move. It can settle over time—and it can happen without you knowing! Soil movement is an important fact you must understand, as your house is structured above the ground. As such, when it starts to sink, it can affect your house’s structure, bringing catastrophic damages to your home!

Paying attention to your home foundation is one of the most crucial things you should do. Before the damage expands, make sure to watch out for these signs:

#1: Cracks on your home foundation

Cracks are one of the visible signs that the ground underneath your house is settling. However, you should know that seeing some cracks on the walls is a typical scenario in every home, as when concrete expands, it pushes against anything in its way. When another stable and durable material is against it, like a brick wall or a slab, the expanding force will result in a crack!

You should start worrying about your home foundation if you notice these cracks getting longer or broader; that can be an indication that something unusual is happening underneath. Once the cracks on top of your wall widen, it can cause the foundation to fall apart. Do not do anything to your wall when this happens! Some foundations need to be stabilized first before applying some fillings. 

Call your home contractor immediately for a safer solution. 

#2: Cracks around the window or door frames

Cracks around the windows or doors can occur due to various workmanship reasons, but it can also indicate that your home foundation is experiencing some movements. Sometimes, little ground movement can also open up repaired wall cracks. 

Before you panic or do some repatching yourself, here are the things you should do first:

  • Place a level on your window sill. If you notice that it is not levelled, it can be a sign of foundation settlement.
  • Contact a professional home inspector to check the condition of your home.  

#3: Jammed doors and sticking windows

If you notice that your door is getting misaligned or stuck or your window is slightly sticking out, you should immediately investigate its possible cause. A jammed door or misaligned window can happen because of expanding material due to humidity or moving ground force. Aside from soil movement, these signs can also be caused by poor foundation design, strong vibration from nearby construction, or growing trees and shrubs. Like the previously mentioned signs, knowing the underlying cause behind these little changes is the best way for you to find the best fix!


Whether your house is new or old, its foundation is susceptible to getting damaged. No one is in control when the soil underneath starts to move or settle; as such, the best you can do is to make adjustments to ensure that your house is safe and sturdy. 

When you notice any of these signs happening to your home, you must seek immediate professional help. The damage in your house foundation will not fix itself alone, and ignoring it will only bring you additional expenses and danger later on!

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