How to Find The Perfect Handyman For You In Gold Coast


What may sound like an easy task ends up being prolonged for one reason– you just can’t find the right guy for the job. While we might find adverts for people posing as handymen, the problem a lot of them leave us disappointed with the quality of their work. 

Don’t worry though, with just a few tips we can show you the best way to go about the job. It might take some effort, but it’s a task worth doing. 

Finding the Right Handyman

Oftentimes, there are solutions so reliable that we use them in more ways than one. That said, the most basic suggestion is to ask our neighbors who they contact when they need work done by a handyman. It’s worked for anything for the mere fact that it comes from first-hand experiences and proof of work. Another advantage here is you get to know their rates ahead of time. 

Once you’ve got an idea of what you might have to spend, head over to the internet and start doing some area-specific searching. If you’ve got the time, you can put out ads asking for people to offer their services. 

You can compare prices from here. That said, the prices alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor here. What’s important is that you can see proofs of work or credible references. At this point, what you can do is use the suggestions from your neighbors as a baseline

What Makes a Good Handyman

A handyman is many things and it pays to know what those things should be. Jokes aside, there are a couple of traits we’ve noticed that all great handymen have:

  • A handyman first and foremost should display some skill with the tools they make use of. You might see this in their previous works, better yet if they have a portfolio for you to check out.
  • Another trait is if the handyman is prudent. While it may be exciting to hear the ideas of an excitable handyman, it is better still to have a prudent handyman with some imagination.
  • Consistency is another trait you’ll want to watch out for. This goes for their communication skills as well as it would be very frustrating to hire someone who’s difficult to contact.
  • A handyman with sufficient foresight is preferred, of course, as this would imply that they come with a full set of tools for the task at hand, rather than showing up unprepared and tool-less.

What to Watch Out For

Likewise, it’d be best to know what the common red flags are when it comes to these handymen:

  • Asks for hourly pay
  • Does not show up with tools/ not enough tools
  • Does not have proof of work
  • Does not have good references/ no references

Pay attention and look for these potential problems. At least this way, you can prevent any possible damages they might incur at your home. 


The point here is, you’ll be hiring someone with whom you’ll be entrusting your home. In fact, if the task is for something big like a deck, your safety might be at risk. It’s best to do the strenuous work now and take your time looking for the perfect handyman. At least this time you’ll know what to look for in your potential hire.  

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