How to Clean for the First Half of 2022: A Monthly Guide

man painting walls

Your home is a significant investment that must be safeguarded. This means that it requires cleaning and maintenance to keep it in good condition at all times. While the task may be daunting, we’re here to offer you a monthly guide. Read on to discover how to clean your home for the first half of 2022.

Cleaning in January

Clean Shower Heads and Faucets

Half-fill a small bag with white distilled vinegar. With glue or a rubber band, wrap the bag around the head/faucet. Allow for an 8-hour soak time. Eliminate the bag and thoroughly rinse with hot water to remove any leftover sediment. If you see silt accumulation or flow concerns, do this more frequently.

Dust Everything Down

Dust the covers of your bathroom exhaust fans with a vacuum with a brush attachment or a paintbrush. Clean the front and interior of the cover. Remove the cover to clean or brush the motor.

Cleaning in February

Repairing Caulking in Your Home

Caulking can degrade and flake over time. Sinks, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, tub surrounds, and any other site where plumbing enters the property.

Adjust Door Locks, Racks, and Bolts

Everyday devices, such as door handles and locks, that are held together by bolts or screws, might become loose with time. Room by room, tighten and loosen loose attachments.

Replace the Air Filter

This should be done at least every three months, especially if you are allergic. A clean filter also decreases dust in your home. Filters come in a range of sizes, so measure your vent and order accordingly.

Cleaning in March

Examine Exterior Dry Rot and Paint Cracks

On the exterior, look for paint chipping, missing stucco, warped or bulging siding, and dry rot. These issues can quickly spread and cause havoc. As a result, fix them!

Clean and Inspect Roof and Gutters

Roof debris or clogged gutters can produce pools of water, increasing the possibility of leaks or rot. Cleaning the roof, gutters, and downspouts should all be done. Make a note of any roof damage, such as broken or ripped shingles/tiles, and repair it.

Vacuum the Dryer Vent

Vacuum both the lint trap in front of the dryer and the larger vent in the back. Clogged vents consume energy and present a fire hazard.

Clean the Washing Machine

Dirt and bacteria are infamous for accumulating in washing machines. Service your unit at least once a year as recommended.

Cleaning in April

HVAC Tune-Up

Get your air conditioning system ready for the summer. You should seek the advice of an HVAC professional. They’ll look for inefficiencies in your system and prepare it for the warmer weather.

Screen Replacements

In order to keep pests out, inspect all screens for tears or holes. Patches are ideal for minor holes and rips. Significant damage (greater than 2-3 inches) may necessitate screen replacement.

Lawn Fertilization

Winter is especially hard on your landscape. In preparation for a healthy summer lawn, fertilize and thoroughly water your grass in early spring. Lawn patches can aid in the regeneration of barren areas.

Cleaning in May

Power Washing the Siding

It is vital to keep your property’s exterior in good condition. This will extend the life of your paint and assist to prevent dry rot.

Sweep the Yard

Spend a weekend or two outside clearing up the yard. Pruning shrubs results in a tidy summer yard.

Inspect and repair the Deck

Check for missing or damaged boards, shaky railings, and leaning supports on your deck. Decks should be power washed and resealed or painted once a year. Dry rot must be handled as soon as possible.

Cleaning in June

Wipe Down Windows

Wash and wipe down windows, and remove screens for a thorough rinse. Clean the screens using a moderate soap and water solution.

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Test your smoke and CO2 detectors at least once a year. Replace batteries or install new smoke detectors as needed. Conduct a mental health examination at least twice a year.


This monthly guide will keep you on top of all the tasks required to keep your home running well. As such, keep these tips in mind so that you get to spread out your tasks and touch all the important bases. This way, you’re able to relax knowing that your investment is safe.

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