How Commercial Handyman Services for Retail Shops Improve Your Business

Like a residential home, retail properties are prone to falling into disrepair. Wiring issues, clogged toilets or exterior signs that are working improperly are among some of the common repair issues facing retail businesses.

Failing to maintain your business can result in a loss of clientele and revenue. Hiring a commercial handyman service for your retail shop can help keep customers coming in the door.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Handyman Service

Retail shop owners and managers have a lot of day-to-day responsibilities for keeping their business in tip-top shape. Worrying about common maintenance issues should not be one of them.

Gillespie Handyman Services provides maintenance, repair and contracting in Ottawa for retail environments. Our quality craftsmen provide peace of mind to dozens of businesses in Ottawa and the National Capital Region. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle a variety of repair and maintenance issues, leaving business owners to focus their time and energy on running their business.

There is more than one benefit to hiring a commercial handyman service for your retail shop.

1. Eliminate the need to hire multiple contractors.
Finding — and hiring — skilled and reliable contractors is time-consuming. The trained professionals at Gillespie Handyman Services are experienced in performing many routine maintenance tasks that otherwise would need to be completed by carpenters, plumbers, painters and other contractors with a specialty focus.

2. It saves money.
What business owner isn’t focused on reducing expenses? Hiring a commercial handyman service can save you time and money. Commercial handyman services charge by the hour for work performed, so you’re never paying for services you haven’t received. Gillespie Handyman Services will work with your business to perform repairs at a convenient time.

3. Finding problems early.
Our handymen possess extensive knowledge on the inner workings of retail spaces and can spot potential issues that, if addressed before they become a problem, can save you time and money later.

4. Minimal supervision.
Retail business owners will not need to provide a lot of supervision when they hire our commercial handyman service for their retail shop. Our expert handymen can get the job done with as little interruption to you and the daily operation of your retail shop as possible.

Included Services

Spring is an excellent time to hire a commercial handyman service for your retail shop. We can examine the exterior to determine if any maintenance is required. With Ottawa experiencing a colder- and snowier-than-usual winter, now is an excellent time to check on potential exterior issues.

1. Siding, soffit and fascia repairs
Siding, soffit, and fascia can fall victim to the extreme weather swings the Ottawa area experiences. Cracks in siding are quickly and expertly repaired, as are loose or missing pieces. Properly installed and maintained soffits and fascias are a vital part of protecting from premature shingle deterioration and excess humidity entering your building.

2. Eavestrough repair
Eavestroughs can clog, causing water to accumulate in places it shouldn’t be — like inside your retail space. We can fix damaged eavestroughs quickly to ensure they don’t contribute to bigger headaches later.

3. Concrete repair
Like other exterior areas of a retail shop, concrete suffers damage from the shifting Ottawa weather. Temperature changes can cause distress and aggregate expansion, which weakens the strength of the concrete. Combined with heavy customer traffic, cracks and other issues can arise in concrete. Gillespie’s experienced handymen can restore the aesthetic appearance of your retail shop’s exterior.

Learn More About How We Can Help Improve Your Business

You never get a second chance to make a first impression with your retail shop. Let the trained professionals at Gillespie Handyman Services keep your retail shop in tip-top shape so you can focus on what matters — customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss hiring our commercial handyman services for your retail shop.