Fascia Problems? Here Are Some Things You Need to Know!


Have you given much thought about your roof fascia? The fascia is a part of the finishing touch to your roof. It’s a board that runs along the edge of the roofline that gives the roof a nice, smooth visual edge. Aside from the aesthetic advantage, a fascia can hold your gutters in place to keep water from getting under the roof. This is why you need to ensure that it’s installed properly to give your roof the protection it needs. 

On the other hand, if it’s not installed properly, the fascia could fall down and get damaged by backed-up gutters. Over time, if the fascia isn’t maintained well, they can become weak. How do you know if your fascia is damaged? 


Damaged Fascia

It’s easy to spot a damaged fascia most of the time because the signs are pretty obvious. You could find visible rot, holes, and splintering. The worst-case scenario is the fascia missing on certain parts of the roof. 

Before you have the fascia replaced or repaired, you need to have a thorough roof inspection first to identify other issues that could weaken the entire roofing system. 


Fascia Maintenance

For your fascia to last longer, it requires proper maintenance. Fascia maintenance involves regular cleanings, paint, and necessary repairs. Giving the fascia a fresh coat of paint every now and then will help protect it from the elements. If the fascia is wood, make sure to choose quality exterior paint that can stand up to the weather. You should also touch up any areas where you see flaking or peeling before water penetrates them. 

When it comes to cleaning it, it’s important to use the right cleaning method and materials. You need to have a good washing every year, unless you live in an area where you experience a lot of debris; with that, you need to clean more frequently. 

In the case you notice new damage, you can usually repair small damages on your own. However, for long-term damage, they must be seen by a professional. 


Other Tips to Maintain Fascia Boards

Here are some other tips to help you maintain your fascia boards: 

  • Use OVC fascia boards as much as possible because they are less of a hassle. They don’t need repainting, and they can get back to their old forms by wiping. 
  • Installation shouldn’t include cap covers because they can encourage moisture buildup on the timber, which may cause it to rot. 
  • Keep in mind not to add a new fascia board on top of an old one. If the fascia board is slowly giving signs of deterioration, you need to remove the old fascia board first before adding your new board. 

Keep Your Fascia Boards in Good Condition

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain the overall health condition of your fascia boards. Knowing the signs of damage and conducting proper maintenance will help ensure your fascia boards last longer. However, if you notice signs of damage, it’s best to hire a professional to address the issue.

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