All About Fascia: How It Protects Your Home


While the fascia constitutes a small part of your roof, it plays a significant role in protecting your home from the elements while tying your home’s façade together. Still, many homeowners don’t think about their fascia boards often, if at all. In fact, most aren’t aware of what a fascia is or what this piece of trim contributes to your home.

As a homeowner, it is crucial to understand the different elements of your home and how they work together to keep you and your household safe. Here’s what you need to know about your fascia boards:

What is Fascia?

The fascia, also known as trim or roof decking, is a slim board that stretches along your roof’s eaves. These are different from the planes right underneath your roof, which are soffit boards; fascia runs parallel to your roof. It’s usually regarded as a decorative component on your home’s exterior while polishing off your roof’s appearance, although the fascia does much more than that.

Fascia insulates the space between your roof and the outdoors, protecting your home from water damage, pests, and uncomfortable drafts. They also support your gutters, helping them stay in place.

What are the Different Types of Fascia?

Fascia is often made of wood or metal, although there are many varieties available. Here are some of them:

Vinyl Fascia

Vinyl is the most popular choice of fascia because it is very durable, easy to install, and has low repair and maintenance costs compared to other materials. It’s also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC, making it a type of plastic. However, it isn’t environmentally friendly and can fade over time.

Wooden Fascia

Wooden fascia may not be as long-lasting as its vinyl counterpart, but it remains a popular material for fascia boards and soffit. They can last a long time if you maintain them correctly, such as monitoring them for signs of wood rot and damage while ensuring it is perfectly painted. Still, wood fascia is much better for the environment while being affordable. Coating it with paint or stain will protect it from moisture damage and wood rot while enhancing your curb appeal.

Aluminum Fascia

This fascia type is low-maintenance and is often used to protect existing wood trim due to its flexibility, durability, and weatherproofing capabilities. Another bonus of aluminum fascia is that you can easily paint it, making it available in various colours.

Composite Materials

Composite materials cost more than other fascia types, although it comes with numerous advantages that make it a worthy investment. For instance, composite trim is comprised of recycled wood chips and sawdust fastened with epoxy resin. It is durable and long-lasting while being resistant to mildew, mould, and rot. It also looks like wood, adding further to its appeal.

How Do You Maintain Your Fascia?

Like other parts of your home, you’ll need to look after your fascia properly to prevent it from breaking down and leading to expensive repairs. Since it is exposed to the elements, it is highly susceptible to damage from moisture, pests, and strong winds, compromising its ability to protect the interior from various weather conditions. 

To maintain your fascia and keep it in excellent condition, install drip edge boards. Older houses usually don’t have this, so it pays to hire a handyman near you to install one immediately. Drip edge boards prevent fascia damage and direct water away from your trim.

Additionally, inspect it for damage at least twice a year. Check it for cracks, warping, splinters, discoloration, exposed nails, and other signs of wear. Be sure to clean your gutters regularly, as they are responsible for directing rainwater and snow away from your home. Otherwise, when they’re clogged, they can spill over your fascia, soffits, and siding and harm them.


The fascia constitutes an integral part of your home’s exterior that shouldn’t be overlooked no matter how small or insignificant it seems. With our guide, you can look after your fascia and ensure it stays in top-notch condition year-round!

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