Steps to Ensure the Success of Your Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Home improvement show hosts make renovations look easy. They have made a crabby place fabulous with a flick of their wand. However, there is much work done behind the camera. Any handyman worth his salt would tell you so.

Before you begin the fun part of rearranging your furniture to make your home more visually pleasing, you must do home repairs. Doing this will ensure that your home and your home improvement will last longer. The bigger question is which home repair you need to carry out first.

If you find it challenging to determine which task to do first, you need to take some time out to read this blog. Doing so will help you identify what job needs your attention first.

Start with Design and Planning 

Any handyman will tell you that this step will determine the success of your endeavour. Before you begin the renovations, you must clearly understand what you want to achieve. The improvements that you wish to make must be evident in your mind.

It could be a small change or a massive one. If you want to redo your kitchen, you will have to get new appliances, a new countertop, and a new sink. You will also have to install new tiles on the floor, change the windows, paint the walls and change the lighting. You can do all these things in one shot or part by part.

Please make a list of the things you want to change in your home and write them down. Once you have completed the list, you can go through it and strike out what you can do without. You can then prioritize the important things to you by giving them several stars. The things that you will enjoy the most should get the highest number of stars.

Consider the Bigger Projects First

Once you have the list and the stars, you need to plan your renovations. It would help if you started with the more significant projects first. It will give you the time to recover from the pains you have suffered. When you are tired after a hard day’s work, you will not be in the mood to make more home improvements.

To help you get started, you must make a checklist of what you need to do. In this checklist, you must include the smaller tasks that will lead up to the bigger things.

The checklist should include the tasks that need to follow each other. For example, the first items on your list should be the smaller projects that will help you redo your kitchen. These projects should begin with selecting the appliances you need and the colours you want to use. It should also include the measurements of the appliances you must install and how you would go about it.

Plan for Demolition

Before planning and designing your dream home, you must carry out some demolition tasks. It will include removing any furniture that would be used in the renovation. It would help if you took the time to pack any items you think you can use in the future and seal them in a storage unit.

It would be best to consider clearing out any cabinets that are not in use. Doing so will free up the area you will use to store the furniture you plan to replace. It will give you more space to walk around.


Planning and designing before renovating will help you get a clear picture of how your home will look once the renovations are complete. Let us face it, the process of renovations can be challenging. As mentioned, having a plan ensures your success.

If you find these tasks overwhelming, you should ask for help from Gillespie Handyman. We offer home repairs for Ottawa residents. With our help, you can sail smoothly through your renovation project, so talk to us now for more information!