Eavestrough Maintenance and Repair: What You Need to Know

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With all the possible and needed repairs and maintenance to do on a home, homeowners often overlook some of them. One of the most forgotten parts of a home is the eavestrough. Most people have a set-it-and-forget-it mindset when it comes to this part of their gutter system, and as long as you will not experience any trouble, it will mean that your eavestroughs are working fine.

However, it is best not to wait until your gutter system totally fails before choosing to perform repair and maintenance on your eavestroughs actively. There is actual value in making sure that routine preventive maintenance is performed. This blog post will focus on fixing damaged gutters and the consequences of failing to maintain them.

Eavestrough Maintenance and Repair: What You Need to Know

It may be pretty easy to forget about your eavestroughs and gutters and only find out when it’s too late that they need to be repaired. So here are the need-to-know facts about gutter and eavestrough repairs. 

Fixing Your Gutters

You may think that your gutters are working as they should, but you may be surprised to see some form of damage to them, especially if you have an older home. Before you decide to replace your gutters altogether, it is essential to check where the damage is first. Then, there may be ways to repair the damage.

1 – Leaky Gutters

If you notice a leak in your gutter, it may be caused by the seams coming loose from the central part of the gutter. For vinyl gutters, the leaking may be caused by a bad gasket. Either using sealant or replacing the gasket will usually do the trick. Making sure to wait for a warm day to do this will help, as the gutters will need to be completely dry before you apply the sealant.

2 – Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters may be caused by loose nails or screws that are unable to hold the gutters together. If there is no damage to the gutter itself, you can quickly just tighten the screw back into place or hammer the nail into its original location.

How Long Do Gutters Last?

The average time that gutters can last is around 20 years. However, this time may be shortened or lengthened depending on the upkeep and conditions of where the gutter is placed. More durable materials like copper can last longer, while the maximum lifespan for vinyl gutters is capped at 20 years. 

Why You Should Never Ignore Damaged Gutters

The main goal of gutters is to ensure that water successfully gets carried out and away from your home. This will prevent any water from seeping into the house and damaging the interior as well as the contents of your home. Fixing water damage can be extremely costly, especially if it is extensive. Having routine maintenance done on your home’s gutters will prevent the damage on your gutters from getting too unmanageable. 


Having an expert inspect your gutters and eavestroughs periodically will ensure that all the components of your home will continue working as they should. If you need help with the maintenance of your gutters, working with a handyman is the right way to go. 

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