5 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Maintenance, Handyman Services and Proactive Care for Your Place of Business

Owning commercial property comes with obligations and responsibilities. Whether your building is used by tenants or your own business, it requires regular attention to maintain functionality and value.

Many property owners take a reactive stance. They wait for a problem to happen, then call a contractor to repair it. This comes with risk. Owners may think they have saved money over using commercial maintenance, handyman services, and regular inspections, but they should think again.

Waiting until a problem becomes serious usually ends up costing a great deal in the end. In many cases, what a maintenance service could have found while small and relatively inexpensive grew into a big and costly problem through neglect.

Our team at Gillespie Handyman Services can help to keep your property in great shape while helping to prevent major issues from developing. They also can save businesses time and money over hiring their own personnel.

What Our Services Include

Gillespie Handyman Services employs a team of experienced and capable technicians who have years of experience in building repair and maintenance. Our commercial handyman services include, but are not limited to:

• Drywall services

• Repairs of doors and related hardware, including locks and dead bolts

• Assembling furniture

• Cabinetry and shelving

• Light fixtures

• Interior and exterior painting

If this list excludes a need that you have, please call our staff and ask if we can perform the job.

Fast Response on Rental Properties

Owners of rental properties understand that tenants expect that when as soon as anything breaks, the landlord should have it fixed yesterday, if not sooner.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until something happens to retain a contractor. You might find that securing help could take weeks or even months. When you pay for commercial handyman services, you get peace of mind. Our team will respond more quickly than contractors that you have to cold call.

Small Businesses Benefit

Small business owners face a similar situation as rental property owners. If they directly serve clients and customers, appearance and workspace functionality matter. You need repairs performed right away.

When we provide regular maintenance services for your business, we can take care of repair issues quickly and effectively. We help to get your business back into its best form and efficiency as quickly as possible.

Save Money Over Hiring Dedicated Staff

When a business or other organization has regular maintenance needs, they often consider hiring their own personnel to handle the job.

Those with trades experience and certification remain in high demand and low supply. This means that even if your business can attract a person with a range of skills, you may have to pay a premium salary for their services.

Our clients enjoy not only our efficiency and response times, but also our reasonable rates for service.

Ensure the Best Job Done Every Time

Handyman businesses, even more than many others, exist on reputation alone. If we do not perform to client satisfaction, we go out of business quickly.

We dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible service on every single job. Our accountability is to both our own in-house standards of excellence and also our clients and their return business and referrals.

Maintain Your Investment

When you own a building or a business, it may be your most valuable asset. In many cases, part of your success hinges on a building’s appearance or functionality.

Regular maintenance and repairs will help to keep your building or business in the best possible condition. Obtaining regular handyman services serves as an effective way to protect that investment and help to ensure the continued success of your endeavor.

Call today to learn more about how Gillespie Handyman Services can help businesses in and around Ottawa. Don’t wait until disaster happens! Proactive care is the way to go.