4 Key Steps When Hiring a Handyman – A Beginner’s Guide


A home is often said to be your greatest asset and most significant investment because it is where you dwell, sleep, build a family, and create the life you envision. Over time, there are home features you plan to add and update. On the other hand, there also are house parts and components that need to be repaired or replaced due to wear and tear. Whether it is plumbing fixes, electrical upgrades, or carpentry works, you should leave these tasks to the experts.

If it’s a home improvement project you’re planning to pursue, you will most likely need a repair expert. In this article, we will share four key steps to take when looking for a handyman:


1. Inspect your property and list the house problems


If you ever plan or have a scheduled home improvement project, kickstart it by having a thorough house inspection. First, check the different areas of your home, from your bedrooms to bathrooms down to the kitchen. Check and see if you need to install new cabinets or shelving, pieces of furniture, additional fixtures, or other minor woodwork. Then, assess if you need fresh painting, sealing, and caulking, among many others. From there, come up with a list of issues that you wish your repair person to accomplish.


2. Know the difference between a handyman and contractor


Before calling in the help of an expert, you have to distinguish a handyman from a contractor. A handyman specializes in various types of home improvement projects, such as carpentry or house painting. On the other hand, a contractor is licensed and insured, specializing in complex house jobs, such as plumbing, HVAC maintenance, and electrical works. Some house works are better left to a professional contractor while a handyman can perform minor upgrades.


3. Match your house problems and what a handyman can perform


At this point, you have to get your list of house issues and see what a repair person can accomplish for your house improvement project. For the most part, they can perform the following jobs:


  • Extra shelving for kitchen cabinets
  • Hardware installation for window treatments
  • Wall installation for hanging pictures
  • Full-room painting or touch-up jobs
  • Caulking around windows, doors, and siding
  • Furniture assemblies such as an IKEA dresserĀ 
  • Swing-set installation or treehouse construction
  • Minor roof repair or gutter cleaning
  • Minor woodwork tasks


4. Look for prospects and hire the best handyman


Once you have figured out which job you want your repair expert to accomplish, you can start looking for prospects. Start by searching online for prospects in your locality or by getting some recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues. Once you have a list, ask for their rates (including materials, services, and hours spent) and what specific services they can render. From there, you can decide on the right handyman for your house needs!


Final words


As your home is your greatest possession and investment that you will make in your lifetime, you should never take it for granted. It’s best to pursue a home improvement project periodically to update some features and fix some components. Ultimately, hiring a professional repair expert to carry out your home improvement project can make all the difference in its overall beauty, functionality, and comfort!

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