Looking for a “Local Handyman Near Me?” 5 Post-Holiday Tasks to Check Off Your List

With the holidays past and a new year upon us, our attention turns to resolutions and plans. Many of these include sprucing up the house or repairing cold weather and snow-related issues.

Many people could perform these jobs on their own, were it not for work, family, and other responsibilities. Others don’t have the tools or the expertise.

Those with busy lives or who lack the know-how should call on a handyman service for help. In our experience, the reasonable cost of service provides great benefits, such as peace of mind and more leisure time for your family or yourself.

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Snow Removal

After the holidays, winter really arrives in full force. Cold, windy, and snowy days prevail, leaving driveways, sidewalks, and other points of access covered in thick and heavy snow.

Many seek to take on this task themselves. For younger and fit people, they only sacrifice hours of time and strenuous effort. However, we’ve seen older and less physically capable people sacrifice their lives. Deadly heart attacks spike in the cold months, particularly among vulnerable individuals overdoing it with snow removal.

Preserve your time, energy, and health by contracting out your home’s snow removal.

Roof Inspection and Spot Repair

Snow settling on roofs and slowly melting over the course of days or even weeks can expose wear and tear on a roof, particularly one with older shingles.

If a melting snowpack has revealed leaks, you need repairs fast before mold starts to grow and before the leak becomes even worse. We can perform minor repairs to restore your roof and prevent further interior damage.

Frozen Pipe Repair and Replacement

We have all seen it. When temperatures dip to -10 degrees or more, the water pipes in many homes become vulnerable to cold. These pipes can freeze and burst, causing massive water damage. While this is most common when homeowners leave the heat off (such as when they’re away), it can occur in heated homes if the pipes are close to the exterior of the home or poorly insulated.

If your pipes have frozen over, a handyman can take care of the problem. In the worst case, he or she can repair burst pipes quickly and easily.

Smart homeowners, however, will call us to provide insulation and warmers, when needed, to keep pipes at optimal temperatures even during bitterly cold days.

Interior Home Repairs

During the winter, contractors and handymen dial back their work outside to the necessities, such as roof repair. The elements, however, do not stop or even slow down work inside.

The winter serves as a great time to schedule handyman services for interior work. Painting, repairing equipment, replacing flooring, and other jobs can be done easily during the winter season. With a lighter schedule, a handyman can get to work quickly and effectively.

Routine and Minor HVAC Inspection and Work

During cold weather, our heating systems work overtime. Many will inevitably require inspection and service. From furnaces to ductwork, a handyman can make minor repairs and adjustments, or even make sure that the system is running in optimal condition for your peace of mind.

No Canadian home wants to suffer through a heating system outage in January. Let our experienced handymen and women inspect your system and, if necessary, make sure it will continue to run throughout the cold weather.

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