Introduction to Gillespie Handyman Services of Ottawa

Gillespie Handyman Services Inc

Property owners, no matter how big or small, understand the frustration and hassle associated with the upkeep of premises. Normal wear and tear, plus the degradation from the elements and natural aging, can hurt the look and function of your home or business.

Leaky rooftops, broken doorknobs, accidental holes put in drywall, and other issues all require attention.

Whether they happen in your business or your home, you need to tend to them before small issues become costly problems.

That is where we come in. Gillespie Handyman Services Inc. provides respected and experienced handyman services in Ottowa for all of our clients.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

For over a decade and a half, we have forged a reputation for quality work and outstanding customer service. We work with all types of clients in the capital region, from homeowners who need minor repairs to major firms that expect the best in building maintenance.

Our crews draw upon a broad range of skills and experience, allowing us to provide outstanding service in response to almost any repair request. Our business works for those who need a job done quickly and effectively, and do not have the time or skills to do it themselves.

We provide general repair and other services to our clients.

Our crews bring experience, creativity, and on the spot innovation to ensure that you get quality service. We work with both residential and commercial clients who need temporary or ongoing handyman and maintenance services.

If you’re interested in hiring our services, we will give you a free written estimate, setting out our costs in a clear and concise manner. In addition, all of our work comes with a one year warranty.

Services We Provide

Most of the time, we work with those who need us to repair or maintain their property’s appearance and function. Business and residence owners appreciate our quick response and dedication to quality work. We help to maintain the appearance of homes, rental property, and businesses, while also making repairs that maintain function.

We also work with those looking to sell a property. Our team can make a wide range of minor repairs to spruce up the look and also to make sure that doors, windows, and other features work properly.

Interior Work

Our technicians understand interiors. They bring years of experience to routine repair work that every building interior will need at some point. Drywall will get holes in it. Light fixtures will require replacement. Doors and related hardware will need repair or replacement.

We also perform top quality paintwork for interiors, as well as working to get offices ready for new tenants.

Exterior Work

Harsh winters and seasonal temperature changes take their toll on the exterior of any property. Building and paving materials expand and contract as days get warmer or colder. This creates cracks and breaks, as well as weathering that can dull surfaces.

Our teams specialize in restoring or renovating exterior surfaces. We have years of expertise in mounting siding and exterior painting, as well as in repair or installation of soffits and fascias.

If your concrete has developed cracks or other damage, we can restore your walkway or driveway surface to like-new condition.

The “Honey Do” List

Finally, we know that sometimes little jobs over time add up and lead to a lot of work. If you have a long “to-do” list of minor jobs and chores, leave it with us.

Call today to learn more about our full range of services or to receive a free quote.