How to Paint Your Home’s Walls Properly – Our Guide

paint home wall

Painting your home’s walls can be an extremely exciting project. You get to pick the colours and combinations that you like and watch as your vision slowly comes to life.

That being said, painting walls is so much more than just picking out your favourite colour and slapping it onto the surface. If you do not do it right, the final result will not be what you expect it to be.

To ensure that your walls are correctly painted, here are the steps you will need to take:

Start with a primer coat

The first thing you will need to do is to paint your walls with a primer coat. This step is to ensure that the paint will stick onto the wall, and it will enhance the final finish’s durability.

Give your primer paint a good shake before opening the lid. This is to make sure the contents are mixed well, as a primer sitting for a while may have separated. Once that is done, open the lid and fill a bucket with a decent amount of primer.

Now that you have your bucket of primer at your side, you are ready to start painting. First, you will want to paint the wall’s sides as if you are drawing a box. Then, work your way towards the middle of the wall.

You can easily do this with a sash brush to make sure all the edges are covered. Once that is done, you can fill the center using a paint roller, covering every bit of the wall thoroughly. 

Remember not to soak the roller in primer, as doing so will result in an uneven and messy finish. Instead, roll the edge of the roller onto the primer.

Applying the finish coat

Once the wall is thoroughly covered with a primer and completely dry, it is time to start with the finishing coat.

The method here is similar to the last. The idea is to paint the edges first, then work towards the middle. However, pay extra attention to your strokes, as any mistakes you make here will be more pronounced.

One coat of paint may be enough to give you the colour you need, but you may need to apply two or more coats if you are working with darker colours.

Touch up the finish

Once the paint has dried, go around and have a look at every part of the painted wall. If you notice any gaps in the paint, cover them with the finish. After that, leave the paint once more to dry. Later, check one final time to see whether you need to apply any touch-ups to ensure everything is exactly how it should be.


While it might seem simple, painting your walls can take a lot of time and effort. However, by carefully going through the necessary steps we have listed above, you will most likely end up with high-quality results that you can be proud of.

Just remember to thoroughly clean the tools you use so they can last for many years to come, allowing you to carry out more paint jobs without having to purchase new brushes! 

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